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Seruling Dewata

Balinese should be proud of ourselves that our ancestors had left us a great tradition from generation to generation according to Top holy Secret story of " Paiketan Paguron Suling Dewata " ( Paiketan means Association , Paguron means a place to study of Martial Arts of fighting , Suling means Flute, and Dewata means Gods ) , the great tradition this has ever made Bali Isalnd , our beautiful island , the island of the gods as the central of world's spiritual long long time ago. Eventhough one of the great traditions was the original of traditional of Balinese " Silat" ( martial arts of Balinese fightings ) from " Pertapaan Candra Parwata" ( Pertapaan means Holy place for meditation for priest or monks , Candra means Moon, and Parwata means Mount ) , Pertapaan Candra Parwata was located on Batukaru Mount in west of Bali , the Great name of Pertapaan Candra Parwata was not only known in Bali or in Indonesia but also was very famous to overseas such as Langka Pura ( Srilangka ), Jambu Dwipa ( India ), Tibet, Kuroyewu ( Korea ), Jepun ( Japan ) and Tionggoan ( China ) . But unfortunely centuries later , the great great tradition of our ancestors that reflecting of our great culture was only remain by it's names , and eventhough among of Balinese people regard it that the great culture and tradition that they heard from the fathers, the grand fathers, the great grand father or even the great great grand fathers was only a story, was not more than just a story and can not be trusted, was it true or not .
centuries later, finally it was started back in 1970's , all the great traditions from Paiketan Paguron Suling Dewata , the old great Balinese martial arts of fightings / " silat " had been succeeded in learning by Ki Nantra through his great teacher Ki Sendang, after Ki Nantra had learned for years , days and nights , learning about the essence of martial arts of fighting ,the spirit of fightings , the essence of Yoga, and life philloshopy taken from the old Heritage book of Seruling Dewata teached by his great teacher Ki Sendang , in 1979 he was assigned and appointed as the 9th chief generation of the Paiketan Paguron Suling Dewata, replacing his great teacher Ki Sendang, and since Ki Nantra the chief of the association , he keep promising to himself that he would introduce this great tradition and old Balinese Silat to not only Balinese but also for those who want to know Balinese 's Martial arts of fightings and it's philloshopy.

The History of Paiketan Paguron Suling Dewata

" It was long long time ago before the centuries, in Bali, there were only two big of association of traditional martial arts of of fightings who controlling Bali island , they were Perguruan Silat Matahari ( The martial arts of the sun ), and Perguruan Bulan Sabit ( martial arts of the cresent moon ), unfortunately , it was storied centuries ago , these two big of the Martial Arts of Fightings which had many followers in Bali Dwipa who lived in the island could not live side by side and they lived in disharmonies from generation to generation , they did not trust to each other and they fought to each other in anyhere in Bali, they would like to controll Bali Island over the others . Finally the final fighting was then held in Batur mount in Kintamani area in Bangli Regency , the fighting was taken place for 7 days and nights, it was believed and storied that after the final fighting at Mount Batur 's slope , mostly all of the followers / Yogi and Yogini from both of these combative art of fightings were dead ( Yogi means man priest, and Yogini means women prient ), but there was still only one follower ( Yogi ) who was still alive with injured badly , his name was Ki Goplo, Ki Goplo was one of a students or followers of Paguron Bulan Sabit , the Bulan Sabit " Cresent Moon " itselft had 12 sub martial arts of gfightings under it , and one was Martial art of fighting of Seruling Dewata,
" Ki Goplo with years later was famous called as Ki Suling , was very bad injured hardly to arrived at " Pertapaan Candra Perwata" which was located on Batukaru mount at west of Bali, he then isolated himself in a special holy alcove , doing meditation dan curing himself , learning the spirit and the essential of combative arts of fighting in order to complete his knowledge in it , he did not appear or out for years from the alcoves . For centuries later after the fighting of the two combative art of fightings, the world of Martial art of fighting in Bali was in darkness and slowly start to be forgorten by Balinese people or even the world. "
In the 5th century, a young monk from Jambu Dwipa ( India ), Ki Byanlu Syamar came to Bali , he was looking for a place called Watukaru, but he did not know what was the Batukaru means, was it a name of an Island or was it a name of a kingdom ? , he kept searching the world to the east from India. he sailed the sea introducing the way of Budha and Budha religion it'self and he traveled to Swarna Dwipa ( Sumatera, ) , Jawa Dwipa ( Java Island ), he finally reached Bali . in Bali he was known and called as Ki Budhi Dharma, Ki Budhi Dharma was very expert in Kundalini that he had learned for 40 years from his great teacher , Swammi Prajnatara . In Bali he then met with Ki Goplo , after he discussed and sharing their knowledge to each other, Ki Budhi Dharma was very happy finally he found the Watukaru , the place that he was looking for miles away from India , he was very impressed with Ki Goplo and admired him alot , he asked Ki Goplo to teach him the original Martial Arts of Balinese fighting " Seruling Dewata " , as he knew the knowledge of Ki Goplo in Balinese combative arts of fighting , life phyloshopy and also yoga was perfect. Ki Goplo agreed to take him as a student and then took him to Mount of Watukaru to teach him and appointed him years later as the 1st Elder Generation of the combative arts of fighting " Paguron Suling Dewata " with big responsibilities to develop this association after for centuries has been forgotten , he was appointed in 5th century ( year of 63 , month of 11 , day of 26 / year caka in 463 ). He then re set up again the association of Martial Arts of fighting of Suling Dewata, and devided the students into 8 groups , the group of Ground, Water , Fire, Wind, Sky, Star, Sun, and the Moon. Years later before Ki Budhi Dharma left Bali to continue his journey to overseas and was believed to China and other countries, in China he teached monks with martial arts of fightings and known as Martial arts of Shiva Lingga temple after he did a meditation of creating this martial arts of fighting for 9 years in a temple , the martial arts of Shiva Lingga later is know as Shiv Ling, in China Ki Bhudi Dharma himself is known as Dharmo Chawsu or Datmo Cauwsu or Tatmo Cauwsu .Before he left Bali Dwipa he assigned and appointed Ki Mudra and Ki Madra as the 2nd Elder Generation in association in 6 century , year of 96, month of 7, day of 15 ( caka year in 596 ). Ki Hanuraga was appointed as the 3rd elder Generation of the association replacing Ki Mudra and Ki Madra in 9th century , year of 92, month of 6th , day of 15th ( caka year in 892 ), during Ki Hanuraga was as the chief of the association , the Combative art of fighting of Suling Dewata was in glory, he traveled and explored most of the area of the Indonesia for 3 times ( Indonesia during that period was known and called as Nusa Ning Nusa ) , or even overseas ( to Jambu Dwipa = India, Langkapura = Srilangka, Tibet, Tionggoan = China, Kuroyewu = Korea, Jepun = Japan ) , Ki Hanuraga also translated and booked all the signs and pictures of the martial arts of fighting into 72 Holy heritage of Books and arranged as a poem nicely, while he was traveling around Nusa Ning Nusa or Indonesia archipelago , the people knew him and called him as Ki Suling Gading ( The Great fighter , with the Flute as the weapon, he was very expert in sounding of flute and mastering 18 kind of rythems of Heritage " Suling Dewata " ).
" Ki Tepus was appointed as 4th Elder Generation in 12th century , year of 41st , month of 6th , day of 15th ( caka year in 1141 ), he then replaced by Ki Wela who was appointed as Elder Generation 5th in 14th , year of 61, month of 11, day of 15th ( caka year in 1361 ), Ki Wela was then replaced by Ki Lungka in 16th , year 46, month of 11, day of 15th ( caka year in 1546 ), Ke Wela appointed Ki Lebur as the 7th Elder Generation of the association in 17th century , year of 74, month of 10, day of 24th, ( caka year 1674 ), Ki Sendang replacing Ki Lebur as the 8th Elder Generation of the association in 19th century, year of 24, month of 7th , day of 21st, ( caka year in 1824 ), Ki Nantra was the only one student of Ki Sendang was appointed as 9th elder Generation of the association in 19th century, year of 99, month of 7th, day of 19, ( caka year in 1899 ), he has built a place in Tabanan, called " Pesraman ", where he teachs his students from all over the world about the original Balinese martial art of fighting taken from 72 heritage holy books of Suling Dewata , learning about Yoga and Meditation, and also as the central of spiritual activites.

" Warta perguruan memuat sepenggal kisah Mahapatih Gajahmada dan Ki Soma Kepakisan , serta beberapa kegiatan Perguruan "
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